Presentations and resources

  • Presentations from the TSRF/ LLAKES research conference on “Growing up and global austerity: Comparing youth opportunities, aspirations and civic values around the world”, June 27-28 2016.
  • Keating, A. (2015) Do mock elections really matter? Why even casting your ballot in school elections can have a lasting effect on youth political engagement. Guest post on the Hansard Society blog Britain Votes 2015.
  • Young Adults and Politics Today: disengaged and disaffected or engaged and enraged? The latest findings from the Citizenship Education Longitudinal Study (CELS). Research seminar at the Houses of Parliament, 17th March 2015. Co-hosted by Rt. Hon. David Blunkett, Citizenship Foundation, and LLAKES Research Centre (UCL IOE). LLAKES research brief and the PPT presentation.
  • Putting participatory research into practice: the challenges and benefits of peer interviewing with ‘hard to reach’ youth. Presented at LLAKES Research Seminar, London, December 2014                             (PPT slides)
  • Educating tomorrow’s citizens – what role can schools play? Keynote lecture delivered at the annual conference of the National School for Leadership in Education, Slovenia, 11th November 2013                                    (PPT slides and full text)